Silver and Gold

These two paintings were made several years ago for my friend, ST. I tried to find some old photographs of them I might have taken in 2008-2009 but I couldn’t find them. This somewhat new project of recording and cataloging all of my old work has made me realize that I need to be better about documenting the works as they happen or are made. But I have enjoyed the hunt too.

I needed to see these again too because I am thinking about, planning, and working on a wedding present for some ny friends that were recently married. I think I might reference these works in their painting. But we will see.

My friend took these for me with a cell phone. The color in the photo is a little different. The ground should be more turquoise (or light phthalo teal-ish) but I think the photo works well. In these shots you are able to see the detail a little more prominently.

These small works were made sometime around the summer of 2008 and in proximity with another painting on this site called, “The Sea.” I hope you enjoy these old paintings as I have enjoyed glimpsing them again.

Special thanks to ST for the photos.

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