Temptation (the painting) & Pieces of Last Night’s Dream


I had one of those vivid, feels-like-waking-life dreams. The kind of dream where as you wake up you have the sensation of being ripped from another place and time. I usually experience this as not being able to sit up right away. Or still feeling immobile from sleep.

I think I was dreaming of my upcoming trip to DC.

In the dream, I had just returned from a trip that had refreshed me. I was sharing this fact with fellow passenger. I remarked to the other traveller, in my dream, that I felt so refreshed. I told him I felt like myself again. I am still working out the details of the dream so I thought today’s post should include a portion of a painting that changed many, many times.

A lot of my paintings are to me like dreams *(in a very non-corny way)* but in the Surrealist way.  Also, in many ways the paintings live inside of you like memories or dreams.  Additionally objects in dreams can be two things at once. In paintings one thing can stand in for something else. Arshille Gorky expressed this notion in his series, “The Garden and Sochi,” and more directly in “The Liver is the Coxcomb.”

In my painting, “Temptation” the accordion one figure is holding is both an accordion and something else, the keys are both his fingers and the keys of the instrument.  I will post later with the finished work.

“Temptation” detail from an very early stage in the painting. 2010-2011. Oil on found wood


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