This is an earlier work and though it was made before art school it still remains one of my favorite pieces. It is big, 36×54 I think. I can’t remember really and before going to college I was terrible at documenting. I didn’t even own a computer [by choice] until 2005.

Before going back to school to pursue art, I began as what is sometimes know to the art world as an outsider artist. This painting and many like it were produced before art school.

I sold many of this series and gave some away but have kept a few pieces of the series.  I don’t reflect often on early work but sometimes it is interesting to look back upon it. Returning to the subjects of earlier work I can see how my work has changed. In my newer work the palates are different, colors became lighter and I have begun to use oil.  However, more interesting than the changes in my work, to me anyway, are the ways the work has stayed the same.

Continuities in work reveal the artist’s obsessions, shapes become symbols, a repeated symbol an index of an artists lived memory or the ash of a dream. Gesture is still very important to my work and I think my better work contains more freedom of gesture. That is why I am looking back today to remind myself to be more spontaneous, more free, and to make my work more full of gesture in the new year ahead.


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