requiem for a rainbow coffee mug

I broke this mug the other day. I dropped it in my porcelain sink. The bright yellow gloves I always wear while washing up didn’t help my grip that day.

Now I am faced with a choice, since repair is not possible, do I throw it away or try to repurpose the mug in some way? This feels like the theme or the underlying question of all of the things in my life, recently.

Recently, I have been faced with the notion that I need to be more organized. This  feeling might be because of the onset of spring. Here in the south the spring seems to loom much closer than when I have lived in the north. At any rate, I have been having trouble getting down to my studio or even to my drawing desk. I am having trouble working because I feel I need to do more housecleaning. Like I can’t do this other work, my painting work because I need to do laundry or vacuum.

What is mostly standing in my way is what I am perceiving as a lack of organization. Or worse, too much clutter. As an artist I collect things. Things that are beautiful, things that have no discernible purpose, like a strange looking key or a gold plated owl that seems meant to hold mail or table napkins.

Then there comes a point where I feel overwhelmed by the beautiful things that inspired me. Then I want to put them all away. What I think I really need is to clear out some clutter and do some space clearing.

However, this has not solved the problem of the rainbow mug, which I adore. Which pairs well with my other favorite mug. The Florida mug. On the Florida mug the “O” is an orange and all the letters are rainbows. So cheerful. So beautiful morning.

Stay tuned as I begin to space clear my work areas and I decide the fate of my broken mug.

(desk area with my golden owl)


2 thoughts on “requiem for a rainbow coffee mug

  1. I read somewhere, and it possibly was in Simplify Your Life, that sometimes you just have to say goodbye and let go.

    It was part of your life. While you could use it for a pot for a small plant or a pencil cup or something to hold your brushes, would it really be the same?

    Just some thoughts. I hope they help.

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