The New Sh#t

The New Shit

I have quit my day job and I am moving to the country to paint. I am trying to finish all of the recent work I have been working on. Here is a peak at the new direction my work is taking. I have recently discovered Lukas acrylic paint. It works great on paper and I can get color saturation I can’t get with water medium. This new acrylic does play well with others though and I am able to carefully use both water medium and acrylic in some of my new works. I think NEON is going to be featured for a bit in my work, especially this amazing orange I found and I am experimenting with now.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.  -Joy

2 thoughts on “The New Sh#t

    • Thanks for viewing! It’s definitely a new direction for me. I am working around the clock to finish my portfolio. I want to apply for grad school soon. Fingers crossed.

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