Fear of Snakes

This has felt like the hottest summer that I can remember. During the hottest parts of the day, I cleaned out my new studio. I tried to work through the day because someone told me that is when you are least likely to see a snake. As I was cleaning out an old garage, I took the advice to heart. There are no snake sightings to date (knock on wood) but I still follow the same precautions when entering the studio. Each day I take down old spider webs from the night before and then clutching the broom I check the corners of the garage for snakes.

The amount work I have been able to make has been prolific. I now have the good fortune of having hours of uninterrupted studio time. I no longer even notice the heat. Enclosed is the second completed larger work for my new series. I will be finishing about 10 more of them. I am envisioning a kind of mythic tale told on abstract canvases, more details later.

This piece is an Annunciation piece and the Second in the series. It is 48 x 62 and (mostly) Oil on Canvas.

I welcome your feedback, Friends. I hope your summer is going wonderfully. More photos soon.



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