watercolor/drawing in progress

I am really into drawing flags right now. Drawing flags always makes me think of Botticelli.

When I was researching a paper for a seminar on Devotion and Art in the Renaissance, he was my topic. More specifically, his piece, The Mystic Nativity, was my topic. Anyway. During my (massive/crazy/insane amount of) reading for this paper, I remember reading this quote about Botticelli’s “terrible air.”

What I think Michael Baxandall meant (I believe he is the reference) when writing this about Botticelli is that Botticelli renders a lot of air into his painting. By this I mean there is always something floating around in his paintings. Sometimes flags, flowers, or angel’s clothing wildly flapping. It’s a nice thought to think about while trying to capture some of the energy of a flapping flag.

Just some Sunday rambles. Thanks, for reading!


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