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Trouble in the Corners

I have been thinking a lot about the Painter’s Painting documentary. I have seen it at least 14 times by now. I  finally purchased my own copy. I have fallen asleep watching it at least a dozen more times. I am one of those people that falls asleep during movies. Since I have seen the documentary so many times is a very soothing and wonderful thing to watch.

The film is really great and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. It is like talking with some of the great Modern North American painters. But really I love it because there are not very many films that discuss painting with painters. As you know by now, I happen to be obsessed with painting. So naturally I think the world can use a few more documentaries on painters.

But I digress.

Once I fell asleep while Frank Stella was talking about painters having trouble in the corners.  His discussion of this sparked some recent interest I have found with thinking about the corners of a painting. He didn’t go into detail about what he meant so the comment is lingering in my mind.


I have been thinking more and more about surface and content. What to paint on and what to paint in the digital age. The thought that seems to recur is one about materiality.

I am also doing some other indoor work. Helping people with websites. I am going to begin to help a friend and jewelry designer with some of her branding and marketing. This kind of project is good to get started in January when the weather sucks too much to go outside, go to my unheated studio, and paint.

Enjoy the photo gallery of a painting that is right now on pause until February.

Painting info: Where We End Up, Always, 2013-2014, 48×62 oil/acrylic on canvas

Update: 10-28-14

Sometimes its fun to see where the painting went when it was finished. Below is the finished painting. It was also a very important part of my WVTF/Radio IQ gallery show, October 2014. See this blog post about it: (click here) or follow this link:

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. -Joy

Where We End Up, Always


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