Best in Show

eve #1

Before the show: Ok, the award I received is First Place not “Best in Show”-  but I loved the film Best in Show so it cracks me up to say it. This week I dropped off several paintings at Art Works in Richmond, Va for consideration for their “All Media” show this Friday. I have just learned that I will have three paintings in this week’s show. The most exciting part of today’s news is that I won. The above painting, “Eve #1” has been awarded First Place.  Come see me in Richmond on Friday for the opening and I will show you my other two paintings  that are also in the show. Here’s a link to the gallery’s calendar page, see below.

Art Works clip

(Here is a clip from the ArtWorks site)

After the show: Below are some quick snapshots of the opening which was really fun, my Richmond friends came out to support meThe Judge for the award was at the event and handed out the awards. The best part, for me, was getting to hear the judge talk about why he selected my painting.

06-27-14 All Media oval

The two paintings below indicated by two arrows were selected by the juror to be included in the show. 06-27-14 All Media Show (round)   Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. -Joy


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