Video for The Bridge Art Local • Art CSA

Follow the link below to my video artist statement & interview. If you are curious about the project I am working on called Art Local • Art CSA, this will give you some insight. This is for The Bridge PAI a gallery space in Charlottesville, Va that has commissioned six artists to make “Community Supported Art” similar to the CSAs people can arrange with local farms and farmers.

Instead of “farm to table” it is “art to table.” The video shares a little bit about my artistic process and a sneak peak at the beginning of the paintings for the CSA. I am making 30 11×15 inch pieces as well as 30 small works presented in clean Mason Jars, to play with the theme of the CSA.  Each of the six artists were interviewed for this project. Each of the artists were asked the same five questions:

1. Who are you and what do you do? 2. Why do you do what you do? 3. What’s integral to your work as an artist? 4. What role doe the artist have in society? 5. What about the Community Supported Art made you want to participate?

Here is the link to the video (in blue):  Art Local/Art CSA for The Bridge PAI by Joy Meyer

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. -Joy


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