Public Speaking & Sandro Botticelli

10-24-14 (round) CSA Artist Talk - Joy Meyer

My talk last night went very well and I met a lot of very interesting people at the reception!

True to my INFJ personality, I am looking back on the talk, looking for ways I might have improved it. You know – for future artist talks.  It’s true, right now I am more comfortable blogging about my work or making a video, than giving a talk. For example I wrote, filmed, and directed this small artist’s statement video for the same CSA project, see the YouTube link here: CSA video.

I have felt very, very nervous about presentations since a few years ago, when I bombed my Botticelli presentation, I got a C, (on the presentation, not the class, don’t worry). The Botticelli Fail was mostly due to technical difficulties butstill, the pain feels fresh, whenever I have to give a live talk or do any real public speaking.

I did also decide something this week. The first opportunity I get, I am going to take an acting class or an improv class to improve my stage presence. I don’t want to just hide behind the Introvert label. After all the Myers-Briggs test is scored on a continuum and we can work on the other sides of our personalities. In this case I can work to bring out the Extrovert.

I think my talk had a lot of interesting content, however expressed or unexpressed, so I will try to hammer it all out in future blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon.


(Photo by Serena Gruia, altered by me)



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