What is an art CSA?

So, what exactly, IS, an art CSA?

green collage 1

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a new term for some. If you live in the country, like where I have my studio right now, people just bring you vegetables from their gardens.

I had a bio professor that used to claim that when he was growing up people would just leave a bag of tomatoes on his back porch. His family would sigh, because they already had too many tomatoes.

At some point in the season, many people have too much produce, and we are all frantically canning, freezing, forcing the vegetables on neighbors, or eating stuffed peppers, again for the third time this week.

In the city, people buy CSA subscriptions. You pay the local farmer a certain amount and you get a box full of vegetables and fruits the variety depends on the season. This way the community can support small local farmers, get to know where their food is coming from, and have a regular supply of fresh, healthy food.

The Art Local, Art CSA for The Bridge PAI is just like that except with art. You will get to know your local artists, get to know more about where the art is made and how artists make it (for instance I will be sharing on this blog, each week, as I finish “crops” of watercolor paintings), and get a fresh supply of art. For more information on the Art CSA visit The Bridge PAI website (use link) or visit: http://thebridgepai.org/csa-share-good-constitution/

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Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. -Joy


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