Closing Show at WVTF Gallery

Closing Show at WVTF/Radio IQ Gallery, presented by New City Arts

So, sadly this week is the last week of my WVTF/Radio IQ Gallery show in Charlottesville, Va. This show has been one of my favorite shows so far in my career. I am very happy with the new paintings and the way they are developing. I am excited to think about where this somewhat new direction for my work will take me.

   WVTF gallery Joy - Version 2

Hopefully it will take me to graduate school. I am applying this fall for MFA in painting (or MFA in visual arts at some schools) for 2015 matriculation. But that is a separate series of blog posts.

The title of this show is “What is this Place?” This show has been about my fascination with the tension between domesticity and wildness. My abstract painting practice aspires to use images that are drawn from life and abstracted, not solely from my imagination.

I have loosely based the images on several abandoned houses I have spotted along small country roads in Virginia, where I keep my studio. The paintings explored this theme by incorporating naturally occurring and unnaturally occurring colors. Such as the neon acrylic I use sometimes or the gold spray paint. The shapes in the paintings pick up the themes as well. I use organic forms, gently looping greenery or biomorphic shapes, set against the ordered, geometric, and tightly held lines of the works.

Here are the images from the show, in case you missed it.

IMG_1937       IMG_1936

IMG_1939 IMG_1938

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. -Joy


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