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Joy studio selfie polaroids

Writing is an extremely important part of my work and my studio practice. For more than a decade I have begun my day with a morning writing ritual. I adopted this habit after reading, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Upon rising, and on most mornings, I write by hand for at least thirty minutes. I think this ritual helps to ground and guide my thoughts and ideas. This writing too is intimately connected to my works on paper and helps me to conceptualize the larger oil paintings.  Blogging feels like a natural extension of this interest.

In my studio work, I am fascinated by conceptions of the self, human relationships, and the ways we establish and negotiate space, in life and virtually. I identify as a painter and I make abstract paintings, oil painting and water medium on paper. I attempt to use color and shape as the primary vehicles to express my ideas. My studio practice is also informed and enriched by my daily morning writing and my obsession with music.

Paintings for my recent solo show What is this Place?” explore themes about the tension between domesticity and wildness. This subject evolved out of my interest in several abandoned homes and buildings, I have spotted along country roads, in my home state of Virginia, where I now have a studio practice. The disintegrating buildings are engulfed in the unrestrained foliage of the region and they are subsumed. This collision of two discrete worlds, the manufactured and the natural, is the source material for this series of abstract paintings. I hoped to express a sense of place as being indeterminate and in constant flux.

I didn’t grow up with art. My earliest “fine-art” encounter was in Houston, TX in the early 2000s. I experienced James Turrell’s Wilson Tunnel Piece called “The Light Inside.” From this moment on, I wanted to know everything about art. This year, 2014,  I am applying for MFA programs, something that has been a dream of mine for a long time now.

Now, I look at art everyday, talk about it, read about it, go see it in galleries and online, and try to blog about it as much as possible. When I am not thinking about art I am thinking about food, so occasionally you will see a recipe slipped in this blog. Here is my newest favorite pancake recipe.

I continue to be inspired by other artists work that I admire including:  Amy Sillman, Oscar Murillo, Charline Von Heyl, Dianna Molzan, Wendy White, Janine Antoni, Mary Heilmann, Miranda July, Sofia Coppola, Carrie Moyer, Gorkey (during the cubist era), Mattisse,  Eva Hesse,  De Kooning, Anne Truitt, Guston, ♥ Mark Rothko ♥ (his surrealist period and The Rothko Room at The Phillips), The Color Field Painters, Dona Nelson, Marina Abramović, and of course Bill Murray.

If you have a serious interest in collaboration, please contact me using the form below or by email:

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